The plan is for this A list rapper to declare bankruptcy, which of course would be deep fiction.

He doesn’t care about anyone else other than himself and keeping every penny he has earned.

He wants to jam things up in court for as long as possible.

Travis Scott

Travis Scott Targeted By Protesters At His Home: ‘You Deserve Bankruptcy’

Travis Scott is dealing with protestors outside of his home in Houston, Texas, with one woman saying the rapper “deserves bankruptcy” following the ‘Astroworld’ tragedy.

Interestingly, it is one lone woman who has decided to picket outside of the rapper’s home. To start, she is holding a sign that says “Travis Scott Lives Here,” and making it clear she is protesting his involvement in the nine deaths associated with the ‘Astroworld’ Festival.

The other sign is a direct shot at the rapper, saying, “You Destroyed Lives. You Deserve Bankruptcy.” The woman included the names of the organizations and others involved in putting on the concert. “Travis Scott, Live Nation, NRG Park, and Apple Music. Plus, the sign made reference to Drake’s appearance at the concert, and Scott’s nickname, “Cactus Jack.” – Source

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