Earlier this year I wrote about this former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now a C lister with the highest name recognition of any C lister you know.

At the time I said that she was in negotiations to get married to a foreign national for a huge sum of money.

He wants a green card.

At the time it was also thought he wanted to be known as the husband of our actress.

The word is that the couple is getting married very soon and one of the things that our actress is doing right now includes some interviews with government authorities related to his being granted a visa.

Right now the plan is for the wedding to be secret and then have them become a couple and have a lavish wedding she hopes to televise.

As part of the deal there is a pre-nup but this is by far the biggest paycheck she will ever get if it all goes through even after all the fees that people are taking along the way.

Lindsay Lohan, Mohamed Al-Turki

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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