This Euphoria actor wanted no part of an interview prior to a sports event, because he knows nothing about the sport even though he says he watches it religiously.

He knew he would have been called out for it if he went live on air.

Jacob Elordi

Monaco’s F1 Grand Prix

F1 fans cringe as Simone Ashley and Jacob Elordi deny interview on live TV

Formula 1 fans are divided after A-listers denied interviews with longtime pundit Martin Brundle at the Monaco Grand Prix.

“Bridgerton” star Simone Ashley and “Euphoria” breakout Jacob Elordi awkwardly turned their backs when the British Sky Sports presenter tried speaking to them during his pre-race grid walk Sunday.

“Is this Simone?” Brundle asked on live TV as he approached Ashley, 27, ahead of the star-studded race in Monte Carlo.

But a member of the actress’ team interrupted, “She doesn’t want to do any TV,” to which Brundle, 62, responded, “She doesn’t want to do any TV? Well, we’re kind of halfway there already.”

He continued, “It’s so good to see her on the grid. I’m not going to push, but I’d like to have a chat with you.”

When Brundle was denied again, however, he sarcastically quipped, “That’s fine, whatever.”

The presenter has made headlines in recent months following awkward interactions with rapper Megan Thee Stallion, tennis champ Venus Williams and basketball player Paolo Banchero, whom he mistook for star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

However, many fans of the sport see Brundle as an institution and slammed the actors for being “disrespectful.”

“If you don’t want to do a 20 sec interview, and don’t know who @MBrundleF1 is, you don’t belong anywhere near that grid,” one Twitter user wrote. – Source

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