There is a story that is getting traction again that was once said by this former A list singer/possible murder suspect.

It involved a permanent A list “singer” being molested by her dad.

The thing is though, the story the possible murder suspect told was told to her by the evil Svengali.

He wanted it out in the press, but never said it himself in any kind of situation legally or publicly.

Courtney Love

Britney Spears

Sam Lutfi

Courtney Love: Britney Spears’ Dad “Molested Her”

Courtney Love may have quit Twitter, but her bizarre rants have carried over to her Facebook page Opens a New Window. . And in her latest posting, she accuses Britney Spears’ father Jamie of molesting the pop singer.

In a post riddled with typos and spelling errors, Love, 45, writes:

“britneys dad molested her , imagine the father that molested you owning you for slavery while your forced to sing songs picked for thier sexual content every night, insane right? i have it on First had authority, and fight as hard as she is and does she still didnt pull that card, its a pride thing i can relate to, However they want to play dirty, lets go, Im SO not affraid of the little trolls who hit this when i was f***** up who are called lawyers. lets GO.” – Source

Britney Spears looks ‘terrified,’ says former manager Sam Lutfi: ‘Enough is enough’

Britney Spears’s former manager, Sam Lutfi, offered his take on her well being Monday, one day after the singer was photographed leaving the Montage Resort and Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, as she took an Easter break from her stay at a mental health facility.

Lutfi, who was infamously by Spears’s side during her 2007 breakdown, suggested that her father, Jamie Spears, should be replaced in his post as her conservator. – Source

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