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Always needing to be in a relationship.
October 31, 2020
He always had a dealer on call to give him his fix.
October 31, 2020

He used it against her. 

I will fully agree the southern reality star is not the best mom, but her ex is not the best dad.

I will fully agree the southern reality star is not the best mom, but her ex is not the best dad. What I find amusing in this tragedy playing out is the “po.rn” on the mom’s phone was se.x with the dad that which was recorded.

He then used it against her.

Kathryn Dennis

Thomas Ravenel

Southern Charm

Thomas Ravenel Is Trying To Take The Children Away From Kathryn

Recently, Thomas Ravenel announce he was getting married. He also bought a house in Aiken at the beginning of the year. Ever since he got kicked in the head by a horse, he’s been even weirder than usual. He has now made it clear as mud that he is “getting engaged to be married” to Heather Mascoe. Heather is Thomas’s latest baby mama. They welcomed a baby boy last June. Like all of Thomas Ravenel’s relationships this one is very tumultuous. They have been on again and off again since the started dating in the summer of 2019. In fact, just four months ago when she gave birth to their son they were off again.

Thomas recently tweeted that he would be getting married without a prenup because he doesn’t need one with this one. Which is odd because her last husband had her arrested for running up thousands of dollars on his credit cards without being a legal user on the card. The charges were later dropped.

In a recent report by Fits News Heather’s niece alleged that Thomas Ravenel may want to get a paternity test on the baby. The niece said, “Hope he’s actually yours. I know what Heather was doing while she was ‘dating’ you and what she’s continually doing around her kids. Hence why Leo took custody of her other children. Lol as her niece I salute you for being so nice to someone like her.” – Source

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