Once again, this foreign tabloid assigned a writer to write about the pint sized actor and took the opportunity to take all kinds of jabs and winks and nodes to the rumors about the actor.

The word play is very good.

Daily Mail

Tom Cruise

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise’s first manager tells how he obsessed over his looks, spent a whole day practicing for his headshots and drew up a list of demands including ‘first-star billing’ and ‘most favorable dressing room’ for his role in Risky Business

Eileen Berlin opened up about being a manager and surrogate mother to Tom Cruise before he became Hollywood’s biggest star

Speaking to DailyMail.com from the NYC building where she gave Cruise a home when he was an unknown actor, she also shared photos from his first shoot

Berlin revealed Cruise was a ‘very, ambitious’ and ‘insecure’ perfectionist which gave rise to his meticulous and controlling tendencies in adulthood

‘What I have never seen is a real display of happiness in Tommy. He was always very, very ambitious, very, very determined to be a star,’ Berlin said

Even as an unknown actor, Cruise presented talent agents with a list of 11 demands, labelled ‘Pre-Screen Deal,’ for his role in 1983 film Risky Business

The list, unveiled by DailyMail.com, requests ‘$75,000 pay or play’ and demands he be put up in a ‘1st class hotel’ and be given the ‘most favorable dressing room’

‘I wish he had other things in his life. But I don’t think he loves people. He loves what he does.’ – Source

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