The barely barely barely a celebrity offspring of low level celebrities still has no idea that his foreign born singer girlfriend spends the night at the foreign born permanent A list singer’s house once or twice a week.

He thinks she is “recording.”

Anwar Hadid

Dua Lipa

Chris Martin

Dua Lipa enjoys loved up stroll with Anwar Hadid as they walk hand-in-hand while on date in LA

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid are Hollywood’s newest couple.

Gigi and Bella’s brother has been spotted hanging out with the singer the last couple of weeks, and Monday was no exception.

The couple walked around Melrose hand-in-hand just one week after they were spotted getting dinner in Malibu.- Source

Chris Martin Spotted Kissing Dua Lipa Backstage At Music Festival 2 Weeks After Dakota Johnson Split

Chris Martin, 42, is newly single after his split from Dakota Johnson, 29, two weeks ago, and he’s living it up now that he’s unattached. The Coldplay frontman kissed Dua Lipa, 23, at the Glastonbury Music Festival, according to The Sun. “As soon as Chris caught Dua’s eye, he was over like a shot — and he didn’t leave her side all night,” a source said.

“She seemed happy to be in his company and even introduced him to her family,” the insider added. “They were all talking together for ages but whenever Chris could get Dua all to himself he would be really flirty with her.”

“There was clearly a lot of chemistry between them — and when they headed to the Guerilla bar in the Shangri-La area, he saw his moment and they shared a kiss,” the source said. The kiss between Chris and Dua could lead to something down the line, but right now the source said it’s simply a “flirtation” between the two.- Source

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