This actor is A list. I don’t know how many people have earned permanent A list but he has to be there. Television movies and theatre and he has been a star in all of them. He has been working non-stop for almost 40 years and has gone from one hit television show to the next with some truly memorable film roles thrown in the mix. He has been married forever to an actress. They have gone through lots of ups and downs and over the past few years it seems as if there have been more downs than ups and part of the problem is our actor’s heavy drinking but also part of the problem is one of his assistants. Lets not kid ourselves here. Our actor isn’t that great looking but for the past few decades has rotated through many assistants who all end up sleeping with him. If they don’t he just fires them. If they do have sex with him they usually stay about a year before they just can’t handle his cigarette boozy breath over their naked bodes any longer and take the generous pay and find something a little more agreeable. His wife knows all of this and put up with it and everything was great until an assistant came along a couple of years ago who seemed to be thrilled to have sex with our actor and never could get enough of him. Of course our actor loved this and started hanging out with his assistant more who also loved to party with the actor and loved his friends and didn’t mind if some of his more lecherous friends kissed her or groped her when they were out drinking. She of course became a favorite and our actor started talking about divorcing his wife and marrying his assistant. The actor moved in with the assistant and pushed his wife and kids to the side. It really looked like it was going to happen until his family intervened and pleaded with him to stay as a family and also convinced him his career would fall apart if he dumped his wife after so long. He listened and started cutting back with this assistant who then started seeing the actor’s best friend who also happens to be an actor.

Danny DeVito (Rhea Perlman), Michael Douglas


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