The Equalizer: In a Your Turn I should have a question asking which Equalizer is best. I will go with Denzel Washington’s version. Before there was even the Edward Woodward version, there was an actual real life guy who was doing the same kind of thing.

This actual real life guy is a celebrity.

He probably peaked at that time period.

If you know his music you would say he reached A list.

The vast majority of people have never heard his music.

They would know him from other endeavors, but he would be much lower on the list.

You cannot talk about a genre of music without talking about this guy and his band.

He is not an OG member of the band, but seems like he is because he is so identifiable with it.

There have been reboots of the band, but I am talking about the version that featured our singer.

This version had a lot of followers and played in club scenes which were not unicorns and rainbows.

The clubs were rough and the patrons of the music could be even more rough.

Our singer was a big believer in helping the underdog.

It was not uncommon for smaller individuals to be picked on at these concerts.

If our singer saw it during the concert he would call out the offending party and if they did not stop, he would personally jump into the audience to deal with it.

He would then jump back on stage and call out bullies.

It had a big impression, but in each city they went to, he would have to do it again.

If our singer caught you doing it while he was not on stage, or if you were doing something to a female teen that happened to be in attendance, you could expect not only a beatdown, but a threat from our singer to never come to a show again.

There is a singer who is A list of a group and he says the reason he is so politically active and all about equality and helping everyone out is because of a beat down he took from the singer back in the day for bullying a couple smaller teens.

He says it changed his life and perspective.

Henry Rollins
Black Flag

Tom Morello
Rage Against the Machine

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