The Grifter

If you are friends with this guy, you have a tendency to end up dead.

He befriended this permanent A++ list singer before he died and he was also very very close to this permanent A+ list singer before she died.

In fact, when the latter died, he took all her drugs, cash and other valuables for himself before the police arrived.

He also took all her tickets to several upcoming events.

The guy is a real piece of work. He says he is a consultant, but what he really does to be around high profile celebrities is sell them drugs.

He then makes sure to stay as close to them as possible and is always there with drugs while hobnobbing with their circle of friends to get even more customers for their product.

Oh, and this is the guy who sold casket photos to the tabloids.

He is also the guy who took photos of the A+ lister and an offspring of the A+ lister doing coke and sold it to the tabloids.

He is also the guy who kept the offspring supplied with drugs.

Raffles van Exel

Michael Jackson

Whitney Houston

Bobby Kristina Brown

Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson Had a Curious Friend in Common

Here’s the one person in the Whitney Houston story whose name you have not heard, and who has remained a mystery: a Dutch man from Amsterdam who goes by the name of Raffles van Exel. He is also known – in court records—as Raffles Dawson and Raffles Benson. He was on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in one of Houston’s suites when she died. He appeared downstairs in the lobby shortly thereafter, wearing aviator sunglasses, sobbing.

As usual, he had an entourage in tow, including Quinton Aaron, the actor who played the football player in “The Blind Side.” Raffles, in one of his many PR Newswire releases, recently announced that he’s producing movies with Aaron. It’s just one of many ventures he announces regularly. For someone who has no obvious means of support, he is a regular on PR Newswire and You Tube. On the latter, you can find him interviewing friends of Michael Jackson. It is assumed that he sells stories to tabloids. He regularly includes names of tabloid reporters like Kevin Frazier of “The Insider” on his Tweets.

Despite the shock of Whitney’s death, Raffles still made it downstairs to Clive Davis’s party. He was dressed in formal wear, had Whitney’s tickets in his hand, and intended to sit at her table. Just inside the ballroom he was comforted by celebrities to whom he related his story—“I found Whitney.” Gayle King hugged him. Quincy Jones listened patiently to his story. A security guard told me later, “Well, he was up there.” He was also hanging around with Houston all week prior to her death. On Tuesday when she emerged from a nightclub, looking disheveled, Raffles appears in a photograph on TMZ like a deer in headlights. He is standing right behind her in a powder blue suit. On Twitter, he wrote: “STOP reading the stupid blogs.. Whitney had a great time, she looked amazing. Nothing was wrong, it was just DAMN hot in that club.” – Read more here

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