For the first half of his career, this actor/director and jack of all trades was A-list, until his ego and personal demons got the better of him, putting him on the B-list until his classic films got reevaluated and his reputation somewhat restored before his passing.

He told the executor of his will that he wanted his ashes scattered in a limestone well on the property of his Spanish manor and seal up the well to prevent vandalism.

What he privately told his closest friends is that he wanted to be buried in his Midwest hometown beside his mother.

The latter motion was done under a veil of secrecy and there he rests in peace.

And the well?

The actor privately had the uncut film prints of his most famous works lowered into the well with orders not to open the well.. ever.

Orson Welles

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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