Zippy certainly has an incredible gift of persuasion! He is a minor celebrity who has been able to talk many male celebrities – straight, gay, and bisexual – into giving him blow jobs, insisting that it is some sort of rite of passage for them. He particularly likes young boybanders.

Among his conquests (who are all more famous than Zippy):
Zippy: Nick “Grimmy” Grimshaw (BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show)
1. A current boy bander who dated a troubled young actress: Max George “The Wanted” (dated Lindsay Lohan)
2. A former boy bander who claims to be straight and has dated a half dozen young and beautiful female celebrities: Joe Jonas
3. A current boy bander who had a well-publicized fake relationship with a pretty and popular female singer: Harry Styles “One Direction” (Taylor Swift)


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