Some quiet phone calls have been made over the past few weeks. The female porn star that tested HIV+ has been known to have some flings with men for money as a beard and for other things too. One of those men is a closeted B list mostly television actor who was on a very big hit for this almost network. Our actor and the porn star engaged in unprotected sex a few times in the past two months, and now, the actor, is having to make calls to lots of guys he has been seeing over the past few months. Our actor, although mainly into men, does not mind a roll in the hay with a woman, especially if they are going to be bearding for him. He thinks it makes their relationship look more realistic. He does not usually engage in protected sex with them, and people are running around frantically setting up tests and trying to do so discreetly and our actor is trying to remember names and phone numbers of guys that he met on chat lines and text lines about the situation and there is so much buzz being generated by him about all of this that he might end up being forced to come out just because there are so many people he has sex with on a weekly basis.

Porn star: Cameron Adams (Bay)
Actor: Chace Crawford


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