Usually this foreign born permanent A list athlete turned celebrity doesn’t allow himself to be close to drugs for fear of association.

This A- list singer with the love of one year wonders did a bunch anyway.

David Beckham

Marc Anthony

EXCLUSIVE: Aisle be OK! Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony looks disheveled on Miami yacht with David Beckham – as his former spouse enjoys honeymoon with fourth husband Ben Affleck

In pictures taken this past Thursday, superstar singer Marc Anthony looks disheveled as he enjoys a day on a boat with David and Romeo Beckham

Meanwhile, his ex-wife and mother of his twins, J-Lo, enjoys her best life touring around Europe as part of a whirlwind honeymoon

Anthony and J-Lo were married between 2004 and 2014, the couple got together shortly after her original split from Affleck

Beckham and Anthony have enjoyed a years long friendship that was solidified in 2019 when the singer was named as Cruz Beckham’s godfather

In March 2022, Anthony announced his engagement to 23-year-old beauty queen Nadia Ferriera – Source

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