I was tempted to call this blind item “untitled,” because creepy director sounds like a B movie and you definitely wouldn’t associate this director with B movies.

This director is considered one of the great auteurs of his generation, but a growing criticism is his objectification of young, barely legal girls in both his personal and professional life.

One person who has worked with the director, who I will call A list, explains that he lives in a world of stunted development and doesn’t seem to have grown up with the times.

Michael Bay

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Addresses Michael Bay Body-Shaming Controversy: It Surprised the S–t Out of Me

Letting bygones be bygones? Kate Beckinsale doesn’t have any beef with director Michael Bay, even though he once told her she should hire a personal trainer. As previously reported, Beckinsale said during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show this past May that prior to filming Pearl Harbor in 2001, Bay told her to work out.

“It was such an old story that I’d been asked about a million times,” Beckinsale told Yahoo Movies during a new interview published on Monday, October 10. “It surprised the s–t out of me, and him really. Pearl Harbor was a long time ago. It’s true there was a bit of that going on, but the shaming of people is something I’m against in general. I’ve seen him since, and we’ve gotten over it. I didn’t feel it was personal, and I wish him nothing but the best.” – Source

The Most Annoying Thing About ‘Transformers’ Is Michael Bay’s Fixation On Objectifying Women

While it’s fun to look at, the movie is an exercise in excess: too many plots, too many new Transformers to learn (unless you’re a diehard fan), and too many characters (Kelsey Grammer is part of a giant CIA unit that joins forces with the Decepticons).

Considering how female roles in film have drastically changed since the first film’s release in 2007, possibly the most annoying thing in the continuing franchise is director Michael Bay’s constant objectification of young women on screen.

It started in “Transformers” with Megan Fox and carries on through the current “Age of Extinction” release with actress Nicola Peltz.

She was replaced by Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the third film as the new pretty woman in revealing clothing.

In the latest sequel, we’re introduced to Tessa Yaegar (Peltz), a daddy’s girl with dreams of going to college, who is banned from dating but has a secret older boyfriend, and who loves to party with her girls. (There’s actually an opening scene where she drops a line to friends about high school ending soon: “Yeah girls, almost time to get wasted!” We never see those characters again.)

It’s the most clichéd role in the entire film and one of the worst characterizations of a female in recent movies. – Source

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