Did I tell you that the big blind item from yesterday is going to be revealed? I meant to. Anyway, the same holds true for this one too. Time to expose some of these people for what they do to others. This particular actor is an Academy Award winner. Didn’t even throw up the /nominee part like I usually do. He is a royal pain to work with and doesn’t work as much as an actor of his talent should. He is an even bigger pain to date or live with. I would put him in the top five when it comes to worst tempers of an actor in Hollywood. Of all time. Sure the drinking and drugs have a lot to do with his ranking but he sucks at relationships and has been through multiple marriages and live in girlfriends and they all have one thing in common. He abused every single one of them. Sometimes, as in the case of one of his more notorious relationships he would beat the woman in his life and sometimes it would just be constant verbal abuse. He always wants you to know he is in charge and has no problems humiliating his girlfriend or wife in public if they do something to offend him. He has left people on the sides of roads and without any way to get home. He has laughed when he makes women cry. There is no such thing as gentle sex with this guy. It’s rough all the way every single time. He knows he’s not a nice guy but he claims to have changed. I think women have just grown smarter and run from him the second he starts acting out and never come back so the whispers about him are more quiet than they used to be.

Sean Penn

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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