There was a guy who was dating this alliterate former publicist turned aide to an A++ lister.

They only dated for a short while, especially after it was revealed what a tool he is.

Anyway, what the aide and others he slept with had no idea about were his array of security cameras within his place, and the multiple ones in his bedroom which recorded every activity. He is trying to sell the recording of the aide and he having se.x.

Rob Porter
former White House Staff Secretary for President Donald Trump

Publicist turned aide: Hope Hicks

A++ lister: Donald Trump


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Goodbye, Hope Hicks

It was easy, in the beginning, to project a certain sympathetic story onto Hope Hicks. This child of Greenwich with the Puritan’s name ought to have been a Never Trumper, no? Maybe she’d just gotten caught up with a bad job, and been trapped by her own success. But society Greenwich turned out to be Trump country, and Hicks was a second-generation PR scion, not an innocent naïf who wandered off the lacrosse field in the wrong direction. She not only stuck around Trumpworld but seemed to thrive uniquely.

Hicks’ main strategic innovation—other than not talking on the record, or perhaps related to not talking on the record—was famously to let Trump be Trump. For instance, when she returned to the White House earlier this year, after some time in the wilderness of Fox Corp. as communications chief following a few pesky white lies she told in the course of the Mueller investigation, she was credited with suggesting that Trump turn the coronavirus briefings into extemporaneous theater. She was the enabler of the enablers, the showrunner who quietly established his mania and bad-but-compelling personality as a political asset.

But I didn’t focus that much on that, because there was also always something else to examine, closely and cattily, in the images of Hicks. She was classically beautiful, of course, but I was also interested in the way her tan makeup stopped short at the neckline, and her hemlines could be … young. Her pioneering silent-film-star approach to being a press secretary/communications director made her mysterious to boot. (I’ve always believed Hicks’ surprising and compelling tuxedo was a deliberate Marlene Dietrich reference and wondered if she thought much about Dietrich’s refusal to go Nazi.) I clicked endlessly on Daily Mail links about her ill-considered love life, from Corey Lewandowski to the alleged domestic abuser. I laughed at the Gossip Girl cover she’d graced, and at jokes about her daughterly relationship with Donald Trump. I thought unflattering things about why this former Ralph Lauren model had such power and influence over him. When the news broke that she had COVID, and soon that he did too, I found the narrative immensely satisfying. (This time, Eve fed the apple to the serpent.) She brought out my most bitchy, sexist, petty, gossipy, shallow, judgmental, dismissive and cruelest instincts. Put more simply: She made me Trumpy.- Source

Former Wives of Top White House Aide Rob Porter Both Told FBI He Abused Them – Feb 2018

As the FBI conducted a background check on an incoming senior White House official last year, the bureau learned of the man’s history of domestic abuse. Rob Porter, a top aide to President Donald Trump, physically assaulted both of his previous wives, according to the two women. Porter’s first wife said she was physically abused for years, providing a photograph she took of herself after she said Porter hit her while on vacation in Florence, Italy — a photo she also shared with the FBI.

During the background interviews for Porter’s security clearance related to his senior White House role, FBI agents interviewed the two women. The former wives told the FBI that Porter was abusive during their marriages, according to interviews with the women. For Porter, the FBI interviews marked a collision of his professional ascendancy and his sometimes violent private life.

Colbie Holderness, Porter’s first wife, provided her correspondence with the FBI to The Intercept. (The FBI did not respond to a request for comment, and the agent involved in the exchange declined to speak about the case.) In an interview, she said the pattern of violence in her marriage to Porter began on their honeymoon in the Canary Islands in 2003 and continued from there.

“He only punched me once, in the eye,” Holderness said. It was during a vacation in Florence in 2005. She said, “He threw me down on the bed and punched me in the face. I think he was shocked that he had lost control to that extent.”

Porter resigned Wednesday, with an undetermined effective date, amid the allegations.

Porter did not respond to requests for comment from The Intercept made through phone calls and text messages. Nor did White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders provide a comment in response to a query about Holderness’s detailed allegations and photo. In remarks to the British tabloid the Daily Mail, which reported some of the allegations of spousal abuse, Porter denied some of the charges and a raft of White House officials and one U.S. senator spoke to the strength of Porter’s character — all before Holderness detailed her part of the allegations to The Intercept. – Source

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