I talk a lot of smack about this actress.

A lot of her issues stem from a boyfriend she had when she was first hitting it big.

She is on the fringes of A listerdom.

I normally call her a B list mostly television actress from a hit cable show, but she has had her chances at A list.

The roles have been there, but she has not got the results.

She definitely has A list name recognition.

Back in the day before she was a beard she dated this, at the time A list mostly television actor who was on a very hit network show.

The actor thought really highly of himself and still thinks the mirror is his best friend.

Yes, he says all the right things now but just does that because his current A list mostly movie actress makes him.

He is still an a-hole and always will be.

Back in the day he was especially a-holey and would make our B lister do all kinds of things and just treated her like a piece of meat.

He would have sex with other women and tell our actress about it and he would leave abruptly during a meal and go have sex with a woman who texted him and he did this all the time and he dared our actress to leave him.

He found her weakness and he exploited it and pounced on it and treated her like the worst piece of garbage.

He did this again to other women which is why it always amazes me when he makes statements like he did last week.

He is such a fucking tool and, yes, women need to stand up for themselves more, but he would find women who had low self-esteem or other issues.

Those are the women he wanted.

Those are the women he loved to toy with and he still does.

He just does it in other ways now.

A list television actress: January Jones
Hit cable show: “Mad Men”
A list television actor: Ashton Kutcher
Hit network show: “That 70’s Show”
Current A list movie actress: Mila Kunis
Ashton Kutcher’s Opinion on One-Night Stands

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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