This actor is foreign born.

Probably B+ list at his absolute peak, he is down to B-/C+ list. Mostly television.

Trying to up his role from recurring to main on a fairly hit show.

He is probably most famous for his ex.

Anyway, with times being tough, the actor is selling some stories about his foreign born A list mostly movie actress ex.

He is prepared to talk about her insane drug use.

An almost daily habit.

How she has a temper that comes out once or twice a week to the point where they stopped buying dishes that would break.

Walls were chipped everywhere.

How she would want makeup sex that lasted for hours at a time and he was not allowed to get up from the bed until she felt they had made up enough.

How she has several guns stashed throughout the house in case of any stalkers or intruders.

After one particularly horrible fight he made her remove the ammunition because he thought she would reach for one during one of their fights.

Stuart Townsend
Charlize Theron


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