This over-30 actress most recently starred in an American television series that is no longer in production.

However, the subject of this blind is her busy personal life!

She was in a long-time relationship with an actor who is known for his dark role in a famous film franchise.

Since they broke up, she has been dating a quirky, scruffy actor from across the pond who has more than thirty films to his credit. Although they have been together for several years, we hear that Actress and Scruffy aren’t doing so well.

In fact, she has been getting busy with another man!

He is not an actor, and they have not been photographed together in public yet.

Since there has been no announcement of a breakup with Scruffy, we don’t know if this would be considered cheating… or moving on!

Actress: Anna Friel – American Odyssey
Dark Role Actor: David Thewlis – Harry Potter
Quirky Actor: Rhys Ifans


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