The former A+ list singer/child porn king/serial se.xual assaulter is naming names about the people he sold the now deceased one named singer to.

R. Kelly


R. Kelly Drags Aaliyah Into Another Desperate Attempt To Get Out Of Prison

R. Kelly is dragging his ex-Aaliyah into his new plea to get out of prison.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kelly is back in court attempting to be released from prison on bond. In the past couple of months, Kelly has made numerous arguments for his release, all of which have been shut down.

In newly filed documents, the disgraced singer wanted to make sure the judge knew he wasn’t planning on intimidating any witnesses or obstructing justice if allowed out. In his criminal indictment, prosecutors have listed six victims they accuse Kelly of abusing over the years. Kelly says he is not a risk to obstruct justice because one of the victims is dead, who he doesn’t name but it is Aaliyah.

He says, “Jane Doe number one appears to be a deceased individual. The only other individual who has spoken or been identified regarding that allegation has been actively talking about his appearance before the federal grand jury on social media.” In regard to “Jane Doe number five”, he says that is his ex-girlfriend, Azriel Clary.

Kelly tries to trash Azriel saying, “She has, since leaving Mr. Kelly, created an active, for-profit, social media presence, requesting individuals to subscribe to her Instagram and YouTube channels, where she regularly speaks of how awful he was.”

Kelly claims these alleged victims turned on him long ago and there is no way he could turn them if he tried. The motion reads, “To the extent this court has previously been led to believe that there may be a risk of obstruction, the fact is that there is no one related to this case who would be the slightest bit receptive to any overture from the Kelly camp.” A judge has yet to rule on Kelly’s motion. – Source

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