The serial s.e.x.u.a.l. assaulter/child p.o.r.n. producer is just trying to use the fame of this former A+ list reality star to get some attention for himself.

He is also misremembering the past and it is probably because was just as coked out as the former A+ list reality star.

Joe Francis

Paris Hilton

‘Girls Gone Wild’ Founder Joe Francis Claims Paris Hilton ‘Beat Him’ During 2003 Breakup, Says Her Marriage To Carter Reum Won’t Last: ‘She’s Out Of Her Mind’

Joe Francis accused Paris Hilton of “beating him” during their tumultuous breakup in 2003. He also claimed the newly-married heiress was “out of her mind” during part of his interview for a recently aired podcast.

Francis’ made the accusations on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef’s podcast that aired Wednesday. During the interview, the 48-year-old Girls Gone Wild founder claimed the 40-year-old former reality TV star got physical with him nearly 20 years ago when their relationship was starting to deteriorate.

“I swear to God, I had to call the security, and then she started beating me, because she was drunk,” Francis alleged on today’s podcast, alluding to an alleged incident at a hotel they were staying at in 2003.

“And then, I had Nicky staying in my room and Nicole Richie staying in my room, and I’m like, ‘Look Nicky, I’m going to kick your sister out of the room right now. And if she hits me again, I’m calling the security, and I’m going to have my security, take her out.’”

The film producer then went on to claim that after Paris “hit him again,” he had his security escort her out into the hallway until she eventually found her way back to his room and started “beating down the door all night.”

“That’s the craziest woman I’ve ever dated, ever,” Francis added. “She’s out of her mind. A hundred percent out of her mind. When I broke up with Paris Hilton, she told me that I couldn’t break up with her because she was Paris Hilton.”

Then, after being asked by the podcast’s host David Yontef if Francis thought Paris’ recent marriage to author and entrepreneur Carter Reum will last, Francis answered, “No way in hell.” – Source

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