This A- list mostly television actor who has been fired from everything and is probably disgraced for about a year, is headed to rehab to speed up the process of resurrection.

Chris Noth

Friends worried as Chris Noth ‘feels like his life is over’

Friends of Chris Noth are concerned about him — and his drinking — amid his sexual assault scandal.

Just days before Christmas, the actor was accused by two women of sexual assault. There are now reports of abuse from five women whose accounts span multiple decades.

It’s cost him work, including on CBS’ “The Equalizer,” and this week it was reported he has been cut from final scenes for the “Sex and the City” spin-off “And Just Like That” that he recently filmed with Sarah Jessica Parker in Paris.

Now insiders say they’re worried about how Noth is reacting.

One source who knows him said: “Chris honestly feels like his life is over. I think that drinking has played a big role in his problems. Everything is taking a toll. His friends would like him to get some help.”

However, sources strenuously deny that he has ever been drunk on sets, or has an alcohol problem.

Actress Zoe Lister Jones — who once worked as a bartender at Noth’s New York City club Plumm, where she claimed he was “consistently sexually inappropriate with a fellow female promoter” — accused him of drinking on set while they filmed NBC’s “Law & Order.”

Lister Jones guest starred on the show, on which Noth played Detective Mike Logan. Writing on Instagram, she alleged: “During my interrogation scene he had a 22 oz. of beer under the table that he would drink in between takes.

“In one take he got close to me, sniffed my neck, and whispered, ‘You smell good.’ I didn’t say anything. My friend at the club never said anything. It’s so rare that we do.” – Source

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