This B list singer used to be A list.

Hopefully at some point he will be D list.

Unfortunately for all of us, he will probably always be famous.

Anyway, he is dating a woman who claims to be a model.

She is more of the Instagram variety.

Probably sells tea or waist trainers on it.

Our “model” is probably C list.

She would love to be a reality star.

It is a life goal.

So far, she has only achieved any level of fame from the people she has hooked up with. I wonder if they know she has a racist past.

All of the model’s old tweets using the n-word are still on the internet, tweets from back when she was dating a NFL player.

This is not a one time thing.

This was a daily thing from our model.

The thing is her current boyfriend is going to be put in a really awkward position when all of this breaks.

He just attracts bad publicity, but this will be really bad.

April Love Geary
Robin Thicke


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