There is so much real-life drama going on with the cast behind the scenes at this hit television show that we are going to have a new or SOLVED item about them every day this week! First up: a young actor. He is good-looking, a true “triple threat”, and a fan favorite. He plays a gay character on the show, but he claims to be straight and to have a long-time girlfriend in real life. Lots of fans have tried to guess his sexuality, but his antics have caused a lot of confusion about which sex he prefers. So, which is it? Is he straight or is he gay? Well, you will be happy to know that we have the definitive answer: Neither. He is bisexual! We will have lots more to say about which of his relationships are real and which are fake this week. Yes, there are some of both and we have all the juicy details! Stay tuned!

Actor: Darren Criss
Show: “Glee”


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