I told you a month or so ago that the cleaning product actor only filed something with the court about his kids to lower the child support.

I said he wasn’t interested in changing his party lifestyle.

Now, it has been confirmed that he hasn’t seen his kids in nearly six months.

Armie Hammer

Ex: Elizabeth Chambers

Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers’ Kids Aren’t Home In L.A., And Here’s Why

Actor Armie Hammer is alone in Los Angeles without his two young children at the moment, as they are with their mom, Hammer’s ex Elizabeth Chambers, in the Cayman Islands. He’s requested that she bring the kids back to California ASAP, but it seems there may be a rational reason for them to remain where they are for the time being.

As Us Weekly reports, a source says the kids have less restrictions in the Caribbean than they would back home in L.A., so Chambers would like to keep them put. “Elizabeth and Armie’s children are still in the Cayman Islands with their mom because there is no COVID there and they are able to go to school there, hug and see their friends and have play dates,” the source says.

“They’re actually attending the same school Armie attended. If they were in L.A., they’d be looking at a computer screen all day.”

Hammer lived for several years in the Cayman Islands as a child before settling back in Los Angeles for his teen years. According to court documents, the couple, who split in July, relocated to the islands temporarily to escape the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hammer returned to California in July under the agreement that Chambers and the kids would follow shortly after, but he reportedly has not seen them for several months now.

Per court documents, Hammer has complained, “When I asked Elizabeth when she was coming home
, however, she first told me that the airports were closed. Then I was informed through her attorneys that flights were merely limited but that she and our children would be back in Los Angeles on the first flight in October.

“He continued, “It is now several weeks into October, and they have not returned.” – Source

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