This talented actor is really a nice, rather quiet and shy guy when he is sober.

That is probably the general impression you have of him… and you’d be right, too.

When he’s not sober, though, he turns into a real asshole.

He becomes the school bully, belligerent and obnoxious, willing to argue with, push, or punch anyone who goes up against him.

There have been lots of injuries when he does this.

You just don’t usually hear about them.

You know he’s spiraling out of control, though, when his publicist has to jump in and make up ridiculous stories about him.

It’s getting worse, too. He hasn’t had a sober day in a long time. Lots of alcohol and cocaine.

The guy is in serious trouble, and it is definitely taking a toll on his health.

As of right now, though, he is absolutely refusing to go to rehab (yes, it has been suggested to him).

He believes that it would permanently ruin his reputation.

So it looks like there is nothing to do… except wait for him to take a fall down that long spiral staircase of fame.

Zac Efron


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