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Besides his general poor health, there is another reason why this A+ (both solo and in a group) foreign singer/musician is performing live in a certain way.

As part of his health issues, he no longer has control of his bowels and has to wear diapers when he performs.

Phil Collins


Phil Collins accused of not brushing teeth or showering for a year in bitter court battle

As per The Sun, the singer is set to be quizzed by his ex-wife’s lawyers as their ongoing court case over their second split rumbles on.

Orianne Bates, 47, is suing Collins, 70, for half of his former Miami beachfront home, which he sold for a cool $51 million earlier this year.

Collins tried to have the case dismissed this week but a Los Angeles judge was having none of it. He will now be questioned under oath in a filmed deposition.

“I anticipate his deposition sometime in December after his tour,” Richard Wolfe, Bates’ lawyer, said in a statement. Bates is alleging that Collins didn’t brush his teeth and stopped showering as he became “depressed, abusive and incapable of having sex.” – Source

Genesis cancel UK tour shows over Covid cases in band

The group said they would reschedule the gigs due to take place in Glasgow on Friday, and at the O2 in London on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

They did not say who had tested positive for coronavirus.

The Last Domino? tour started in September after being postponed by almost a year because of the pandemic.
‘Hugely frustrating’

Frontman Phil Collins, 70, has been performing seated and has not been able to play the drums because of ongoing health issues, including back problems following surgery. – Source

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