In the wake of the blind item I had last week about the killings I got several tips about the one person everyone has expected to be killed for the past three years but somehow is still living. Although he was never an A list celebrity this guy was probably B- and for those of you who read celebrity blogs rather than just the weekly tabloids most of you know who he is. The tabloid only readers? They won’t have a clue who the guy is because none of them want to talk about what he has done and they definitely don’t want to cross you know who or she will keep posting photos to social media and never come back to the tabloids. Our celebrity has slept with what seems like almost every female recording artist. He is ugly as anything but somehow he managed to sleep with some of the most beautiful recording artists ever such as the A+ list forever one who let him do whatever he wanted as long as he also shared his drugs and a couple of years ago the Top 40 was littered with women he had sex with. Part of it was because of his job and part of it was because of the sheer volume of drugs he had access too. Some he sold but most he snorted. When his money started drying up he started selling more but he was snorting more than his share and his dealers got mad. Really mad. He had to keep selling for them and they started taking his royalties for themselves. The thing they most wanted from him though was information on other artists who had a lot of money. He would share their secrets and would tell them what songs they were going to record. Often those songs would be purchased quickly and used on the record of someone else and leaving the original artist wondering what happened. Ever wonder how that foreign born now almost A list singer got her hit record? What about the other foreign born A list singer with the very very short last name. It’s because they knew what were going to be the songs used by all the LA everyone looks and sounds the same singers. At some point, our celebrity revealed some information about some illegal activities that two A++ everything guys were into and our celebrity’s dealers found a way to get a huge piece of the action and cost the two A++ guys millions and millions of dollars. That did push our celebrity’s death a lot closer than it has been and he has survived two attempts on his life in the past four months only because he was very lucky.

Celebrity: Scott Storch
You-know-who: Beyoncé
A+ list forever one: Lil’ Kim
Foreign born almost A list singer: Rita Ora
Other Foreign born A list singer: Jessie J
Two A++ everything guys: Dre and Snoop


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