This former po.rn king/reality star who blew up a Housewives franchise turned fugitive has hundreds of young women that he trafficks all over the world.

Joe Francis

Real Housewives of Miami

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis boasts he slept with Real Housewife Joanna Krupa AND her sister Marta

Joe Francis turns 40 in a few months, but he clearly hasn’t grown up enough to quit boasting about his sexual conquests.

The creator of the Girls Gone Wild franchise appears in an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, boasting that he slept with cast member and model Joanna Krupa.

Not content with outing one woman on national television, the entrepreneur then gossips to Housewives cast members that he slept with Joanna’s sister Marta too – though not at the same time.

In a sneak peek of the new episode appearing on RadarOnline, Joe attends a lingerie party where he chats to Real Housewives cast members.

Joanna and Marta are is not in the conversation, but elsewhere in the room, when Joanna’s name first comes up.

‘How funny is it? I put Joanna on television for the first time,’ says Francis.

‘She moved from Chicago with her sister Marta… I met her through a mutual friend like her first week in LA.’

‘Actually I dated both sisters too – Marta and Joanna,’ he says. When asked if he slept with them Francis says: ‘Yes…Go ask Marta. It’s true.’

Housewife and dentist Dr. Karent Sierra then confronts Joanna about the rumor, getting her face-to-face with Francis to discuss it.

In another clip, according to RadarOnline, Joanna is furious with the Girls Gone Wild founder, calling him ‘a f***ing sicko’. – Source

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