This former B- list celebrity based solely on the permanent A lister he was dating, has been stealing from guys he gets drunk at clubs around town.

Fadi Fawaz

George Michael

GEORGE HIV CLAIM George Michael was HIV positive and didn’t write own music, claims ex Fadi Fawaz in bizarre Twitter rant

GEORGE Michael’s former lover has claimed the singer was HIV positive and “never wrote his own music” in a bizarre Twitter rant today.

Former hairdresser Fadi Fawaz, 46, made a number of shocking and unsubstantiated claims against his ex-lover, which prompted a furious reaction from George’s fans.

Fawaz, who was not left anything in The Wham singer’s £97.6million will following his December 2016 death, tweeted: “He never wrote his own music he paid other people to make the music for him and pretended it was him. Not so talented after all.”

He added: “Sex with him was so boring”.

Troubled Fawaz also claimed his late lover was HIV positive.

He followed up the allegations with a selfie, insisting his account had not been hacked and proving it was he who was sending the tweets.

His unsubstantiated claims angered George’s fans.

One wrote: “How vile to post all this on a public forum of someone who you claim to have loved and is no longer with us. Completely disrespectful!”

Another said: “You really have no shame. It’s embarrassing.” – Source

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