The pedophile who killed himself in a coastal Southeastern state last week had many accomplices.

His entire operation was basically a giant pedophile ring.

Scott Foster

South Carolina

Rockstar Cheer

Dozens of children were abused over 20 years by owner of SC cheerleading gym, law firm says

The Strom Law Firm announced it will file a lawsuit Monday against a Greenville cheerleading gym and its owner who killed himself last week.

Bakari Sellers said Monday the firm is representing multiple people, including one whose case dates back 20 years. They allege they were sexually abused by Scott Foster and the abuse was overlooked by others at Rockstar Cheer and Varsity Sports.

Sellers also cited the U.S. All Star Federation as culpable.

“They stood by” and let children be harmed, he said.

“We’re going against the entire system,” he said.

Foster shot himself in the head Aug. 22 as he sat in his vehicle at Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville County.

Meanwhile, Peter McGrath, a Mount Pleasant lawyer, said he is investigating wrongdoing by Foster and the cheerleading business and intends to file a lawsuit as well. He said among the allegations is supplying alcohol to minors. – Source

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