This NFL QB who will probably never retire, got a little work done to his face last week.

Nothing like the surgery he had a few years ago though.

Tom Brady

“Brady Got Botox”: NFL Twitter Confused on 44 Year Old Tom Brady Looking Significantly Younger Than 38 Year Old Aaron Rodgers on ‘NBA on TNT’

Recently, the legendary quarterback Tom Brady was spotted looking like a really old man. Fans were quick to jump on the matter, calling Brady out for looking wrinkly. But during his appearance on a TNT show with Aaron Rodgers, it seems like the GOAT had a glow-up. The same fans are not praising him for looking even younger than Rodgers.

After his 40-day retirement, Brady attended a Tampa Bay Buccaneers press conference. But a leaked picture of the quarterback looking old sent fans into a frenzy. Many people were even starting to question his ability to play football. Now Brady has shut everybody off by looking 10 years younger. – Source

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