This A list mostly movie actor who has been a superhero gets paired off with what seems like a different actress/love interest every day.

For the record, he did not say the alliterate foreign born singer was his crush and that she turned him down.

Chris Evans

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello: Chris Evans is handsome, but not my type

Despite Chris Evans having confessed in the past to being attracted to Camila Cabello, the Cuban-American singer-songwriter doesn’t seem to be interested in dating the famous actor.

Evans is considered to be one of the most attractive actors worldwide, but Cabello doesn’t seem too impressed, despite acknowledging that he is good-looking.

“He is a very handsome guy and I admire him,” Camila Cabello said in a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

“But he is not my type of man.”

Evans had previously admitted during the Jimmy Fallon Show that he would go for a date with Cabello in the event he was given the opportunity to do so. – Source

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