Remember how one or more NFL players were rumored to be this close to coming out of the closet earlier this year?

Well, the situation for one of them just turned ugly!

This player, who is one of the sport’s biggest stars, was sure – and then unsure – that he wanted to come out.

A lot of the pressure for him to come out was being put on him by his boyfriend.

Long story short: Lots of hinting on social media, lots of fighting, the athlete backed out, the couple broke up, and the boyfriend moved out.

But it didn’t end there! And we have lots of new information about what is going on behind the scenes!

The athlete is now panicking because the ex-boyfriend refuses to go quietly!

The ex not only wants back into the relationship…. he still wants the athlete to come out!

There is an entire team of lawyers and publicists all over this one, but the usual measures to keep an ex quiet aren’t working with this one. A law suit would make it all public, and a huge payout (we’re talking seven figures) was rejected. Why is the player balking about coming out? There are actually five major reasons:
1. He does not want the notoriety of being the first NFL player to come out. (Although he has privately said that he would be OK coming out if a bunch of other guys did it first)
2. He plays for a team that is not located on one of the coasts, so his team’s fans are much more traditional (read: conservative). He fears being booed both on and off the field.
3. He is concerned that some teammates would not support him off the field and that some might even do something detrimental to him on the field (e.g. not throw a block when they should) that could result in a career-ending injury.
4. He does not want to lose his current endorsement deals.
5. He is a devout Christian, and he fears being ostracized by some members of his family and other members of his faith.
Yes, that sure is a lot of drama packed into one outing! Maybe he could lighten the mood by getting Justin Bieber to photobomb the announcement? Of course, a little victory dance after the announcement would also be awesome!

Athlete: Aaron Rodgers
Team: Green Bay Packers (#12/Quarterback)


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