Altered History-Old Hollywood Blind Item:

This permanent A list mostly movie actress created a legend for herself that she maintained throughout her career.

When she first began giving interviews her story and background was quite different than what became the story she and her people crafted.

She always told about her struggles growing up and how she performed for money as a dancer.

She said they were groups of people and it is how she managed to survive and live and put food on her table.

That is not exactly how it happened.

Our actress actually earned money by sleeping with men and started at the bottom and then worked her way up as a teen to the most powerful person in her country at the time.

He ensured her protection. He also ensured her survival.

Sophia Loren or
Marlene Dietrich
Erich Pommer (head of UFA Studios, who sold Dietrich’s contract to Paramount Pictures in the US)


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