They keep trying to push this and it just is not true.

This A- list singer/bad actress is not dating the A list former superhero.

He likes to stay under the radar.

He doesn’t want to end up like the cleaning product actor.

No, it is not as bad as that, but people judge.

The singer/actress is really trying to be front and center right now in any way she can.

Selena Gomez

Chris Evans

Fans think Selena Gomez’s sweater hints at Chris Evans connection

Selena Gomez is getting cozy for the fall.

The Rare Beauty founder, 29, sparked some inquiries about her own dating life as she supported BFF Taylor Swift at “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

In a TikTok Swift posted from backstage, Gomez can be seen wearing a white cable knit sweater that looks very similar to the one sported by Chris Evans, who is rumored to be dating Selena, in “Knives Out.”

“selena was ✨inspired✨ tonight,” one fan account tweeted.

A TikToker posted a video pointing out the similar style, claiming “This is not a coincidence.” However, the singer’s cozy look is actually a cropped high-collar look from Zara ($48), which is currently sold out. – Source

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