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The foreign born alliterate A- list mostly movie actor doesn’t really care that his girlfriend is constantly called out for her tone deafness in the past and present.

He doesn’t think about things like that.

He is with her solely for the se.x and parties and because she doesn’t care who else he has se.x with either.

Sebastian Stan

Alejandra Onieva

Here’s Why Sebastian Stan Is Private About His Girlfriend

Sebastian Stan is deeply in love with the Spanish actress Alejandra Onieva. However, the Winter Soldier actor is extremely private when it comes to his mysterious relationship.

Controversial Instagram Post

The actor got canceled on Twitter for something he didn’t even do. His girlfriend had posted a picture two years ago of her wearing a kimono with geisha makeup on her face. The caption of the post was “Asian night.” Then, some people decided they would message Sebastian Stan to ask him to take the picture down. Stan just blocked them.

Cancel culture is getting way out of control. Something like this happened to Chris Hemsworth several years ago, where he had a cowboys and Indians theme party for new year’s eve, and people got offended. Naturally, he didn’t get canceled because cancel culture wasn’t as insane as it is today.

The actor’s haters also pointed out Stan’s lack of support for the black lives matter organization. However, it’s not fair to cancel people because they didn’t voice an opinion on something. – Source

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