It wasn’t that long ago that this actor had lead roles in movies that were actually shown in the theatres. He had started out on a hit comedy show that has been on long enough that it would be legal to drink if it was a person. Our actor made his mark on that show and made millions of dollars after the show doing movies. That was then though and this is now and our actor has gone through most of his money. He made some bad career decisions and his acting choices have not panned out. Oh, and then there are the drugs and hookers. He loves them. He loves them more than Charlie Sheen, but doesn’t have the wallet Charlie does. Our actor realized that he needs money to keep up his hooker and drug lifestyle so he trolls the internet for people who are his fans and who are single and have a job and he has them move to LA if they live in other parts of the country and moves them into his house and starts bleeding them dry of every penny they have. Most of them have become hooked on drugs, but he doesn’t care if they are or not, he just wants their money. Last year he moved a woman to LA from England, promising he was going to marry her. She quit her job and moved and he drained her of her life savings. Now, she is back in England and is selling her story to the tabloids.

Chris Kattan


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