This mogul is A list. It seems like sometimes you can’t escape his name in this town. He built his name by destroying others who got in his way and those people he just didn’t like. He’s still that way but this is about the woman who he destroyed because of his own personal vendetta that was wholly imagined. The problem he has to this day is he never admits when he is wrong. It’s pretty tough to have any one like you or be your friend if you are unwilling to admit you are wrong. This all started a few years ago. At the time this celebrity/singer was A+ list. She was on the top of the charts and the top of the world and was selling millions of records. At her peak she abruptly decided to switch record labels. The label she switched to was owned by our jerk mogul who fired the singer’s producer and told her all of her new songs she was recording were awful. They weren’t. Shortly after he signed her to his label the two got into an argument because he didn’t believe she was tolerant of other people. Time and again she had proven otherwise but now the mogul had it in his mind that she wasn’t and leaked false stories to newspapers and magazines that the singer was using slurs against a group of people. Our singer started to sue the mogul but he paid her off and she went away barely to be heard from ever again. Meanwhile, those songs that were so awful? He gave them to the singer who always covered for him and it relaunched her career and gave her a string of number one songs.


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