Much like the foreign born actress who blocks even fan accounts if they utter one thing negative, this foreign born actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and has a Hollywood family name blocked multiple people attending his online “con” when they dared to ask him about his personal life.

Actress: Ana de Armas

Actor: Michael Sheen

Ana de Armas Blocked a Fan Account on Twitter & Now The Account Owner Is Speaking Out

Lots of celebrities have big fans who create Twitter accounts dedicated to providing “updates” on every move those stars make. Well, it seems Ana de Armas was not a fan of her fan account!

The 31-year-old Knives Out actress has blocked the account on Twitter and now the account owner is opening up about what might have happened.

@ArmasUpdates is a Twitter account with nearly 10,000 followers and it tweets out all of the new photos and interviews featuring Ana.

Since Ana has been in the spotlight lately for her new relationship with Deep Water co-star Ben Affleck, a majority of the recent tweets featured photos of the couple.

AJ, the 23-year-old Texan who runs the account and describes himself as a “dedicated cinephile,” started to spice up the captions to the paparazzi photos since they started to get “boring.”

“There’s only so much you can say about her leaving the house everyday without it getting boring,” AJ told Paper. “I had to spice it up for the sake of my account. I wanted to have fun and was playfully teasing the aspect of their showy dog walks. I love how she doesn’t care that paps are outside her house and she’s going to serve a look no matter what, even if that means just going to pick up her dog’s poop. I provided some lighthearted sarcasm in my posts towards her and Ben due to the fact that they were always outside and not following safety precautions in this pandemic that we are currently experiencing.”

“I never meant for my tweets to be mean-spirited or insulting,” he added. “It was quite the opposite. I started to notice the tweets I made were making the rounds on Twitter and going viral in different places, which leads me to believe that someone that knows her notified her or her management team about the posts. I understand if she or they took it the wrong way, but it was always with good intentions.”

AJ says that he actually likes Ana more than he did before.

“I think this made me stan her more, strangely,” he said. “It’s a power move, and I like a good diva.”

Another fan account, @anadearmaspics, was blocked by the star after joking that the actress should stay indoors throughout the pandemic. – Source

‘The least you can do is get my name right!’ Michael Sheen outraged as ITV voiceover confuses him for MARTIN Sheen in awkward blunder

He’s the star of ITV’s most talked about programme, Quiz.

So Michael Sheen was left outraged when he was accidentally referred to as Martin by the network’s voiceover man on Tuesday night.

Outraged by the blunder, the 51-year-old actor took to Twitter to pen: ‘Hey @ITV the least you can do is get my name right in your trailers FFS’.

As a fan responded: ‘oh he’s angy [sic]’, Michael hit back, ‘Very angy indeed!’

The Welsh actor was able to see the funny side, however, as he changed his Twitter handle to Martin Sheen following the mishap.

Twitter quickly exploded with jokes and memes referring to the blunder, with author Caitlin Moran quipping: ‘ITV announced him as “Martin Sheen.” But to be fair, he’s such a powerful and elastic actor he could probably do a better Martin Sheen than Martin Sheen. .’

Other fans joked: ‘didn’t you know? they changed your identity for you, to keep things fun and fresh!’; ‘Such an acting chameleon. You’re confusing everyone, my love.

‘I HEARD THEM SAY THE WRONG NAME AND I WAS LIKE ‘WHO TF IS THAT’’; ‘yeah what the hell’; ‘Sorry Mr. Tennant.’

One witty follower referred to Michael’s role in Quiz by penning: ‘For a million pounds, who plays Chris Tarrant in Quiz? A) Martin Sheen B) Michael Sheen C) Barry Sheene D) Mr Sheen’. – Source

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