It was a pretty happy day for this B- list celebrity/model when she got a new bearding gig.

Apparently she was referred for the gig by that B+ list mostly television actress who does bearding professionally but is awful at remembering the lies.

The person our B- lister is bearding for has some closet issues.

In his mind, his fame rests on an image he has carefully crafted.

He thinks his fans would excoriate (found that word of the day calendar my mom gave me last Christmas) him if they found out he was gay. He has played this kind of perfectly.

Never really dates one woman very long.

Enough where people keep hoping he can find the right woman.

Another actress, who I trust completely says he tried to have sex with her and failed miserably.

He blamed fatigue and pressure and stress.

As far as I know he has never even peeked around the corner of the closet.


Yeah, there is always an exception.

When he heard rumors about this A list athlete being gay he called him up and the pair met for dinner.

Perfectly normal.

At that dinner he talked about it in vague terms.

That same athlete is who he turned to now for his beard.

Full circle.

Model: Olivia Culpo
Actress: Olivia Munn
Bearding for: Aaron Rodgers

Other actress he tried to have sex with: Camilla Belle
A list athlete: Tim Tebow


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