“He beats his wife but she’ll never tell anybody about it. If she did, it’d ruin their image.” Because our mystery man’s first album flopped, he’s said to have gotten down on bended knees before landing his Atlantic Records deal. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kevin Liles. He and his Mrs. have since taken over the mainstream market as the new Cosbys. Meanwhile, they’re reported to be leading a secret life of swinging … something Cliff and Claire Huxtable would most def shy away from. “His wife loves women more than he does.” We’ve learned one of the reasons why he chose to work with the FEDs was because of the “gay phone calls investigators have of him”, from their wire taps on his line. While our blind item was serving his time, wifey kept the company of female studs, who are reported to have benefited off of the perks of his earnings — on top of smashing his woman. “She even allowed them to drive his cars and lay up in his bed.” He relayed a ‘Go Get’ dat guap message to his fans — through a recently release recording — but from what we’re told, he may wanna go get some mouthwash! Know why? Sources say because dude’s “breath is so bad, his drivers ride with the windows down.” Don’t believe me.. Ask Iggy Azalea.

T.I., Tiny

Source: http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com

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