The A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family who is an accused serial s.e.x.u.a.l. assaulter has apparently served his penance because he is landing jobs and the producers are actually promoting him and the trade magazines have gone silent on the accusations.

James Franco

James Franco To Star In Action Thriller ‘Mace’ From Director Jon Amiel, Myriad Pictures Launching Title At Cannes

James Franco is set to star in action thriller Mace from The Singing Detective helmer Jon Amiel.

The title, which is the first production from Meyers Media Group, follows the story of two very different kinds of cops. Mace (Franco) is a veteran officer, corrupt and dangerously unhinged, while Virgil Woods is a young rookie who believes that he can change the system that fosters cops like Mace from within. Inspired by the racial injustice on the streets of America, Woods refuses to be bullied and pits his principles against the amoral Mace, risking everything he believes in to stop Mace from destroying the city when Mace unleashes a gang war to cover up his crimes.

Amiel directs from a script written by David Chisholm while Lawrence Steven Meyers, Randy Dannenberg and John Evangelides will produce. Brendan McDonald and Kirk D’Amico will serve as exec producer with Jonathan Tybel as an associate producer.

The film is in pre-production and expected to begin filming later this year in New Jersey. Myriad Pictures is launching worldwide sales on the title in Cannes next week. – Source

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