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What the world is discovering and this A list mostly movie actress is discovering about her rapper boyfriend is he had a don’t ask don’t tell policy when it came to ages of girls he hooked up with.

He always liked them young.

Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly Vomits Vodka Into Girl’s Mouth: Six Other Disgusting Fan Interactions

Fan love is weird.

Devoted followers will do just about anything to feel closer to their favorite musicians, even if it means public humiliation and personal debasement.

Like this broad who let Bad Boy rapper Machine Gun Kelly vomit vodka into her mouth during a show last weekend. First of all, vodka is intense. But then you’re gonna drink it straight from the germ-infested mouth of some asshole you don’t even really know?

Damn, girl … You’re nasty. At least alcohol kills bacteria. Too bad for you someone caught the whole thing on video.

Look at this girl gobble that shit. You can tell she was stoked by the rapper’s reaction on stage. He takes a swig, looks around, and practically jumps up and down when this girl is all, “Yeah, totes put it in my mouth.” Sorry, girl, that shit is not normal.

Cue Ballin’ With Marilyn

But MGK isn’t the only guy to get freaky on stage. Self-proclaimed “God of Fuck” Marilyn Manson knows how to shock a crowd more than anyone, but he got a little more than he bargained for at a Minnesota concert in 2000. He was sued by an employed security guard seeking $75,000 in emotional damage after the singer gyrated his hips against the man’s head, and you know he probably wasn’t wearing much. – You can read more here.. if you really really want to

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