Six months ago this A+ list celebrity was almost killed. It was shortly after she’d gone on a three day bender and was telling people stories she should have kept quiet. The celebrity was back home and while she was sleeping her car blew up. Nobody really discussed it but apparently there was a timer on the car and it went off at a certain time which was supposed to be when the celebrity was in it. She had overslept by several hours. Others have not been so lucky. There was the music producer in Europe who started complaining that some of his tracks had been stolen and the next thing you know he was dead. There was the woman who was telling friends that she had seen an A++ list celebrity with a gun in his hands standing over a body. The woman was found dead a few hours later above a nightclub. There was a woman who knew secrets that no other person knew. She was threatening to write a book about what she knew and a short time later she was dead. The world was distracted by her sketchy death with news that took the world by storm, especially in the way it was delivered. A rapper in jail was supposed to have been killed but ended up giving up a name she had been holding back. That name was soon killed. No one thought the rapper would give up the name so people started paying tribute to the rapper even though she was still alive. Another former A list rapper was framed for a crime because he had threatened to expose a sexual relationship with his then girlfriend and the mastermind behind all of these killings and threats. Has there been another killing in this long line of killings? I don’t think anyone will ever find out.

A+ list celebrity almost killed: Rhianna
Music producer in Europe: DaftPunk
A++ list celebrity with gun: Jay-Z
Woman dead above nightclub:
Woman threatening to write tell-all: Cathy Koreana White (Beyonce pregnancy)
Rapper in jail/name soon killed:
Former A list rapper framed for crime/his girlfriend: Chris Brown/Rhianna


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