The foreign born super group is taking a break.

When they return, most of the members will have been replaced.


‘There’s no time left for growth’: why BTS have paused their career at its height

When South Korean pop megastars BTS announced that they will be focusing on their solo careers, they did so with very careful words. “It’s not that we’re disbanding! We’re just living apart for a while,” clarified Suga, halfway through the emotional, hour-long conversation, released on YouTube on Tuesday. “I hope you see that it’s a healthy plan,” added J-Hope, seriously. “It’s something that we all need.”

Little wonder that BTS – also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, or Bulletproof Boy Scouts in Korean – were nervous to reveal their next steps. Since their announcement, it has been reported that shares in the group’s agency lost as much as $1.7bn (£1.4bn) in market value. And more than that, they have the emotions of their deeply passionate global fanbase, BTS Army, to contend with – as well as the weight of a nation’s expectations on their shoulders.

Over the last two years, the idea of BTS almost became bigger than the seven members themselves. Breaking so many records that yesterday the Guinness World Records tweeted, “BTS we’re going to miss you”, the group are the first Grammy-nominated K-pop group, the first to chart a primarily Korean-language single at No 1 in the US, and grossed $33.3m from just four gigs in Los Angeles last year. Their success in the west is just the tip of the iceberg: BTS have also won all four major categories at the Mnet Asian Music awards for three years in a row. – Source

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