This politician is feeling the pressure of the GOP Presidential race.

A source close to his campaign tell us:

“You won’t hear anybody from [the campaign] say it out loud, but he is panicking.

It kind of sucks, but he really doesn’t handle pressure well.

He just doesn’t have the stomach for it.

Good at whining and crying.

Not so good at fighting.”

Does he have enough money to hold out?

“[The financial situation is] not good. There isn’t as much there as people think.

If he drops out, the big money goes back to the Super PACS, and he’s burning through the rest of it so fast, we don’t think there will be much of anything left.”

So, is he going to drop out before the next debate?

“No, he will be participating in the next debate, but he’s been given a number to reach [in the polls].

If he doesn’t jump 4 full points in the next six weeks, it’s over, and he’s done by Christmas.

It would be too embarrassing for him to get killed in the primaries.”

Jeb Bush


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