This professional Athlete and this Performer appear to be in a sweet and committed relationship.

Oh, no! Not even close!

Athlete is NOT a nice guy.

He has told friends that he is no longer in love with Performer.

In fact, he has been cheating on Performer for the past few months with some random girl.

Whenever he has an away game, he flies the random girl into that city and spends time with her there.

Of course, Performer has no idea, and thinks that their relationship is great!

Why doesn’t Athlete break up with Performer?

Well, Performer is the more famous half of this couple, and Athlete knows that dating her makes him more high-profile and makes sports fans more interested in him! The worst part of this is that our pretty girl had a hot career for several years but has done little in the past year except support Athlete.

He demanded that she back off of her career to spend more time with him… and she foolishly complied!

Girls, don’t EVER give up your profession because a man tells you to!

Because when your relationship ends, time and opportunity will have passed you by.

Oh, and Performer? Break up with Athlete.

He doesn’t love you and is just using you at this point. You deserve a man.

A real man. A grown up. Not a boy.

We’ve got your back. BG Note: We’ll give you an extra hint on Twitter later! Twitter hint: is one member is not born in the US.

Keri Hilson, Serge Ibaka (born in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo)


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