This very fast rapper has been struggling to make his own income, so why not get a boost from your significant other on her big day.

The foreign born singer had an opportunity to allow a lot of different deserving people have an opportunity and instead decided to give it to her baby daddy so his feelings wouldn’t be hurt.

A$AP Rocky


Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

A$AP Rocky Is Excited for Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show: ‘My Lady’s Back Making Music Again’

The world may be (rather impatiently) awaiting Rihanna’s triumphant return to live music, but no one is more excited than her partner, A$AP Rocky.

The Grammy-nominated rapper joined Zane Lowe on the Apple Music 1 radio Wednesday and dished on Rihanna taking the big stage at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which will mark her first public performance since the 2018 Grammys.

“I’m so glad that my lady’s back making music again and whatnot, and getting back out there,” Rocky told Apple Music. “It’s just incredible.”

He continued, “The Super Bowl is huge, and her being the creative she is, she going to bring it, man. I’m excited. I’m more excited than everybody else, honestly.” – Source

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